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Chief Safety and Risk Officer

Daniel Hoornweg was appointed as Ontario’s new Chief Safety and Risk Officer (CSRO), by Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) on July 5, 2012 for an initial three-year term. Mr Hoornweg has more than twenty-five years experience working with about 50 government agencies worldwide on safety and risk management, public policy, service delivery, and implementation of sustainable development.

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The CSRO is unique

The Chief Safety and Risk Officer (CSRO) is a unique position reporting directly to the Board of Directors of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. The CSRO provides independent oversight and reports publicly on TSSA's public safety activities and performance. This unique position is outlined in the CSRO
Mission and Charter.

Established 2010

The position of the CSRO was established through amendments to Ontario's Technical Standards and Safety Act which took effect in 2010. The creation of the position was aimed at making further improvements to technical safety in the province as well as increasing accountability and transparency between the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and TSSA.