Chief Safety and Risk Officer Mission

The Chief Safety and Risk Officer’s (CSRO's) mission is to provide the Board of Directors with an independent review of safety activities related to the public safety responsibilities assigned to the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) pursuant to the Technical Standards and Safety Act (Act). To this end, the CSRO will furnish analysis, recommendations and information concerning the safety activities reviewed within the scope outlined below. In performing its role, the CSRO will strive to be an advocate for public safety and take a forward looking approach based on current best practices and trends.

Chief Safety and Risk Officer Charter


The CSRO function and primary duties are established under the Act and supplemented by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between TSSA and the Minister of Consumer Services (Minister). This independent function, which is not performed by an employee of TSSA, reports to the Board of Directors with oversight provided by the Governance, Safety and Human Resources Committee (GSHRC).

Authorization and Responsibilities

Authorization is granted for full and complete access to any of the organization's records (either manual or electronic), physical properties and personnel relevant to the CSRO’s engagement. Documents and information given to the CSRO during a periodic review will be handled in the same prudent and confidential manner as by those employees normally accountable for them.

The CSRO has no direct responsibility or any authority over any of the activities or operations that they review. In particular, the CSRO will not:

The scope of the CSRO’s engagement encompasses the following activities:

Reporting Accountabilities

The CSRO shall prepare a report on his or her independent review of TSSA’s safety activities or proposed safety activities related to TSSA’s delegated responsibilities under its Act, including comments on TSSA’s annual safety performance report.

The CSRO shall also prepare a report on an annual basis and this report shall include an overview of the CSRO’s activities and operations highlighting key recommendations arising out of any other report issued by the CSRO in the preceding year, and any other safety matter the CSRO considers relevant consistent with the Act, MOU and this mission and charter.

The CSRO may also be required to prepare other reports as may be requested by the Board or the Minister.

The CSRO may also prepare a report on any mater related to TSSA’s safety activities or proposed safety activities if the CSRO considers it in the public interest to do so.

Where either the Board or the Minister requests a report, the CSRO shall provide the report within the time indicated by the Board or the Minister as the case may be. For all CSRO reports other than reports requested by the Minister, the following process will be followed:

For reports requested by the Minister, the following process will be followed:

Final reports of the CSRO will include management’s response as an addendum, if any. The CSRO will provide the Minister with thirty days to review all reports prior to public release. All reports will be made available at the corporation’s annual meeting and otherwise made available to the public by such means as determined by the CSRO.

The CSRO will be reviewed and assessed on an annual basis by the Board of Directors.

Clarification of Organizational Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is accountable to the Minister for TSSA's safety performance, regulatory governance, including the appointment of the CSRO with the consent of the Minister and approval of the CSRO work plan and supporting budget.

The GSHRC assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities related to safety performance, regulatory governance and oversight of the CSRO, including making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the CSRO’s appointment, mission and charter, work plans and budget, performance and independence.

The President and CEO is ultimately responsible and assumes ownership for the delivery of effective safety performance, regulatory governance, while acknowledging the independence of the CSRO and statutory directors appointed under the Act.

The Vice President, Operations, has responsibility and accountability for the delivery of the organization’s safety services in all programs, contributes to organizational strategy and direction, and establishes and delivers on organizational goals and objectives.

The Program Directors combine the responsibilities of the statutory director with those of an operational director with the following responsibilities:

The Senior Advisor, Public Safety and Risk Management (PSRM) is TSSA’s internal safety accountability advisor. The Senior Advisor, PSRM works with the statutory directors to enhance the quality of public safety decision making by giving strategic advice that promotes objective, quality decision making and providing formal risk management tools and processes.

Work Plans

Annually the CSRO will develop and provide a work plan to GSHRC for review with input from management and approval by the Board of Directors. In addition, to the required annual review of safety performance reporting, the plan will identify the areas or safety activities of the organization selected for review. The areas and safety activities selected will be based on perceived risk to public safety with respect to TSSA’s regulatory responsibilities. Other input for consideration includes:

The work plan will highlight the scope of the proposed review, estimate associated time to complete and detail applicable costs to the organization.